Q: How are you different from other photo booth companies?

A:  There is a growing trend where photo booth companies strip this timeless masterpiece down to a handful of black curtains and PVC pipe. Revelers end up having their picture taken by an exposed camera on a tripod while standing against a wall. Unlike booths mass-produced for strip malls and theaters, our product was carefully designed and custom fabricated, keeping in mind our years of photo booth event experience.

Q: How many pictures do we get to take?

A:  As many as you want. In addition to the unlimited photos, our trained attendant will give you a CD at the end of your event with digital copies of all your pictures. Unlike some photo booth companies, we do not charge extra for copies or make you wait to get your photos at a later time.

Q: How long do the pictures take to print?

A:  Photos print approximately 30 seconds after the final picture has been taken.  Photo strips are created in duplicate copies. This allows your guests to keep one copy and put the second copy in the event guest book - also provided at no additional cost.

Q: Can I have color pictures or do they have to be black and white?

A:  You have the option of choosing either color photos or black and white. In addition to color choices, you also get to choose any text or graphics that you wish to appear on the final frame of the photo strip.

Q: How do I reserve a photo booth for my event?

A:  For reservations and booking, you can call (828)-367-7220, contact us through the contact page, or email us at info@photoboothasheville.com.  

Standard bookings often occur 2-3 months in advance and photo booth availability may vary depending on the event date.