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The Classic Photo Booth: A Dying Breed

The model 14 was introduced in 1964 and was very popular for the next few decades. You could find them at drug stores, arcades, carnivals, and even movie theaters.  This was the last true Chemical photo booth mass produced. They began dying off significantly around the 1980's and into the 1990's as photo booth company leaders began pursuing digital photography. Thousands of these beauties were scattered across the U.S. and Europe, but like the one pictured above, most have been taken apart and sent to the junkyard.  

Though we live in a digital world now, the spirit of these iconic booths lives on. Next time you pick up that light-weight, hand-held camera, take a moment to consider their fore-fathers. We at Photo Booth Asheville have created our business in honor of their legacy.  We wish to offer the key ingredients that made the experience of these early models so amazing: fixed aperture, enclosed space, and customer-directed operation.

Matthew BrockComment